OsMoDroid GPS-tracker » Use

At the time of the application and its development - we learned about a number of examples of usage:

  • the app is regularly used for group monitoring on a cycle ride PIN-Mix in St. Petersburg
  • smartphones with OsMoDroid tied to the sleds ranging from dog sledding to determine the place of incident, in case of occurrence thereof
  • OsMoDroid use when playing airsoft on large stages, in this case, the smartphone is attached to the hand, like the watch
  • a group of people with 4x4 jeeps in Lugansk regularly use monitoring in everyday life and in orienteering
  • in Kazakhstan, one pharmaceutical company monitors the movement of its employees (in different cities)
  • in several small cab companies in Europe, OsMoDroid and OsMo is used to monitor the transport
  • in 2014-2016 year, Bloodriot of the season the club Velopiter in St. Petersburg, used monitoring hundreds of simultaneous users and the number of audience of more than 5000
  • And it's not talking about the simple case when you have to show where you turn on the app, send the link and enjoy.

If you want to tell us their examples of how to use our app or to find out details for specific situations - contact us.