What a folder osmdroid?

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Some of our users have repeatedly asked us why there is a folder OsMoDroid and next to it folder osmdroid. Why she and where?

Let's explain, osmdroid is a library application for implementing the maps feature in our and any other Android applications.

Its main convenience is that your smartphone can have several different applications using it at the same time, and all downloaded tiles (graphical map pieces) are stored in a single cache and due to this different applications can reuse them saving your network traffic. This folder is this cache. It can be folders or files with the file names of the providers of map tiles (mapnik, yandex, 2gis).

There is also the reverse side, if the smartphone has a small built-in memory, it can be spent on this cache. The osmdroid library does not allow you to easily change the cache storage location.

End application developers use different solutions, but most do not touch the standard path. We consider this to be the best practice because most modern Android devices come with enough internal memory.

You can delete all the contents of this folder at any time, but when using maps, tiles will be downloaded again via the Internet and also re-stored in the cache (this may depend on the specifics of applications using osmdroid on your Android device).