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Many users of our application expressed concern about the autonomy of the work of tracking out of home.

For its primary function "Online Monitoring" OsMoDroid uses GPS and transmission over Internet network. And then like it or not, but can not do without costs.

But what do you do? There is a solution! If the outlet is far away, and a portable charger with you are for some reason not, we suggest the following:

  • Ask the Customize application during GPS survey of about 30 seconds (30,000 milliseconds), it usually saves battery (may vary depending on the particular device)
  • All parameters for the on-line monitoring, but time must be equal to 0 (disabled), including the minimum sending rate
  • The Android Settings: disable positioning over wireless networks
  • The Android Settings: mobile network mode - only 2G

Please note that use of the device with the included screen, greatly consumes the battery, so it is recommended "do not disturb" device.

To put the above survey period of 30-60 seconds, we do not recommend, because the time to find the coordinates may exceed the period of the survey, and in the end "economy" would be negative.