Personal monitoring

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Personal monitoring is the primary mode of the application.

On the main screen, aka the "Tracker", you have 2 buttons "Start" and "Stop".

Depending on the settings of the modes of application they will give different actions.

Here we examine what happens if you use the option "Online-Monitoring".

Online Monitoring staffing only works with the Internet. In the presence of established server connections - logo-drenched in green, otherwise red (no connection) or yellow (the connection).

When you press "Start", the application queries the server for a start session, receives data about the time for reference monitoring and issue it to you on the screen. There may be a delay - this can be connected to the network, but not scary.

In state mode you transmit your coordinates accurately in accordance with the sharing settings. If lost communication with the server, the application waits for establishment of the connection to send the next point.

If you have enabled the option "Send unsent", in the case of a network failure the application stores the coordinates in memory and when the network first sends all missed the point, and then continues the transmission in normal mode.

When you press "Stop", the application asks you whether to terminate the session, if Yes then sends command to the server to close the session, if all went normally, the temporary reference to the monitoring of your location disappears from the app screen, and is blocked by the server, otherwise the session remains active and you can continue it during the day, starting the monitoring.