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Starting with version 2.4.11, we have implemented seamless integration with the navigation app OsmAnd

What is it? It's very simple, if you have installed OsmAnd or OsmAnd+, you can view data from OsMoDroid on the map in OsmAnd.

With all this, OsmAnd is like a "monitor" to OsMoDroid, all control and data exchange with OsMo lying on our application. From OsmAnd can't even grasp that integration is enabled.

To enable the integration, go to settings OsMoDroid and in the main section, activate the check box "Integration with OSMAND".

Important! Default OsMoDroid stops receiving data if the app is not on the screen.Points in OsmAnd will be static at the time of opening. Therefore, in order to see the movement of people and the updates of these groups online, you must OsMoDroid in the settings to enable the option "Always receive the data group", please note that if you use OsmAnd without this option creates additional traffic and battery drain!

After you enable the integration OsMoDroid will try to establish a connection with OsmAnd, if it is successful, the "Tracker" button appears "to Open the map in Osmand", that she use to go to the map!

Important! If you have multiple versions of OsmAnd, OsMoDroid can only use one!

Priority was given to the version of OsmAnd+ and OsmAnd next or other version.