OsMoDroid GPS-tracker » Installation

Install OsMoDroid is easy.

You can do it from the Google Play (recommended) and download directly from our website.

Application size: ~3 MB

Recommended requirements:

  • Android 4+
  • Google Play Services
  • Availability of GPS / GNSS receiver
  • Internet connection (for online)

For its operation OsMoDroid needs the following rights:

  • Location - for all the main functions of the application
  • Storage - to cache different data for local storage tracks, storage cache online maps
  • Phone - for advanced network status determination
  • Camera - for remote control flashlight
  • SMS - to send and receive coordinates via SMS (OsMoDroid peer-to-server)

In the latest versions of Android, you can restrict the app's permissions to the permissions you don't need. This should not disrupt the application, but may limit the functionality.

Pay attention!

If you have a device that is not "clean" Android (XIaomi, Meizu, Sony, etc.), you may need additional settings to ensure that the system does not limit the background operation of the application, otherwise the application may not work when the screen is off or not work at all.