What a folder osmdroid?

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Some of our users have often asked us why there is a folder OsMoDroid and beside her osmdroid folder. Why did she come from?

For clarification, osmdroid - is an application library to implement our card functions and any other applications.

Her basic comfort in the fact that your phone may be several different applications at the same time using it, and all downloaded tiles (pieces of card) are stored in a single cache and expense of that different applications can reuse them saving your network traffic.

There is a downside, if the smartphone a small built-in memory, it can be spent on the most cash. Bibliotekaosmdroid not make it possible to easily change the storage cache.

End application developers use different solutions, but most do not touch the standard way. We believe this is best practice because most of today's Android-devices come with internal memory of sufficient volume.

At any time you can delete the entire contents of the folder, but when using the card, the tiles will be downloaded again via the Internet and also re-stored in the cache (this may depend on the specific application ispolzuyuschi osmdroid on your device).